Since I am an American, I was speaking of freedom of speech in America. I did not make that part clear, in my original post, and now see that I should have done so – it makes a hell of a difference, as you so rightly and clearly point out … because all the cases you cite are in countries other than the U.S.A., where there is no 1st Amendment protecting their freedom of speech, such as we enjoy in America.

Thank you for bringing this very important and crucial point to my attention, so I could immediately correct it, and apologize. I am sorry that I omitted – however accidently – that crucial detail in my original post, that I was only talking about AMERICAN freedom of speech; and I further apologize for any confusion or aggravation that my omission may have caused you, and any other readers that feel the same way.

This is why every pencil comes with its own eraser, lol. Cheers!

P.S. You did a VERY thorough and scholarly bit of research there, and I tip my hat to you. (*tips hat*) I found it quite impressive, esp. the way it was well organized, and there was a good depth to the number of cases you cited, not just the usual 1-or-2 that most people stop at. I’m guessing that all that typing must have taken you some time – not to mention time spent in composing what to say – and so I am most flattered and grateful that you have gone to such unusual and long lengths to prove your point, chapter and verse. My most sincere and humble thanks.